October 2012

Modern vintage

Why you should be buying jewelry from Modcloth

If you're tired of the usual jewelry-buying avenues, Modcloth is a great place for amping up your accessories. Although the Modcloth specialty is  vintage and indie-inspired clothing, their jewelry ranges from retro to contemporary. One thing's for certain: no matter what your signature style may be, Modcloth's pieces are pretty, unique and totally wearable. 

Have a look. 


Au naturale

Jewelry by Jillian

Now for something a bit earthy, a tad retro, and whole lot of hip. But hold on, we're not done with the adjectives yet. Try dramatic, sultry, romantic and Bohemian chic enough to charm any worldly wanderer, too. 

Think we're exaggerating? Have a look for yourself. With one glimpse of Jewelry by Jillian, you'll understand just why we're raving.


Peace be with you

Gyamjo Jewels

If you're looking to show off your Zen-like peace through your jewelry, you need to check out the Tokyo-based Gyamjo Jewels. The beautiful and unique shapes in these pieces are unlike anything else you can find on the market -- major plus. Even better, everything about these collections, from the selected forms to the material used, are inspired by peace and goodwill -- major plus-plus. 


When you can't make it to the boutique

The best sites for jewelry shopping

When it comes to jewelry shopping online, the selection is massive. It can all be a little overwhelming. If you're not sure where to begin, start here. The following is a list of the best places to shop for jewelry on the web, perfect for the days when you just can't make it to the boutique. 

Fab is the online haven of all things design. If it's chic, metro, or just plain gorgeous, it's on Fab. That goes for jewelry, too. Fab is a flash sale site, which comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the downside, you only get to view a few pieces of a line, and when they're gone, they're gone. On the upside, Fab's jewelry shop arguably carries the best selection of any given line, and the site is updated so frequently that you won't be longing over any missed jewelry-buying opportunities. 

Textiles and metals

Tactile gems from Dorus Mhor

The next time you're hunting around for beaded fare, don't simply yank something sparkly out of the jewelry box and call it a day. Dorus Mhor by Elizabeth Bloom has completely redefined the bead, and we're loving what we see. 

You're in for a surprise. Have a look.


We know what you're thinking. Hand-painted plastic? Nope. Opaque glass? Not even close. Stones? Lacquer? Fimo? No, no, no. The centerpiece of Dorus Mhor creations are beads expertly covered with cloth. 

That's right. With her own special technique, Elizabeth Bloom takes beads and perfectly wraps them in vintage silks and cotton fabrics from Liberty of London. The result? A mix of textiles and metal, and jewelry that you're not going to find anywhere else. Plus, because each piece of fabric is different, no two pieces are alike; each item is one of a kind.

The brilliance here is two-fold. Not only are the beads totally unique, but the range of the styles is also completely alluring. We love the Art Deco inspired frames of the earrings and the throwback to Swinging London in several of the bright choker necklaces.