September 2012

Jewelry fit for royalty

Fairy tale creations from 3 Wind Knots

We all grew up reading fairy tales about evil queens, beautiful princesses and adventures in the forests surrounding the kingdom. If you're like us, then you weren't as fascinated with the notions of poison apples and talking mirrors as you were with what the princess was wearing. Which jewels were in her crown? Did bracelets dangle loosely about her royal wrists? Or was she pining after the queen's massive collection of brooches, bracelets, and sparkling diamonds

While the jewelry of our favorite fairy tales was left to our childish imaginations, there's a line out of Latvia that invokes princesses in every way. 3 Wind Knots is the stuff of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty: a legendary, ethereal beauty fit for a fairy tale fantasy. 


Les plumes!

Feathers and fantasy by Noémiah

Remember that awful Steven Tyler-inspired tend a couple of years ago, the one that got on the nerves of all good people, even fishermen? You know what we're talking about: the whole 2011 wearing feathers in your hair gig. We all breathed a sigh of relief when that fashion fad finally ran its course. 

The problem with sticking a feather in your hair is that it requires no expertise, artistry, or talent. It's hair. With a feather in it. End of story. 

But when a talented French Canadian designer decides to use feathers in her line, it's a completely different narrative, one of beauty, whimsy and lighter than air delights. The feathers in jewelry by Noemiah are not a mere trend. This is fashion through and through. 




A little bit of everything

Exciting collections from Sari Glassman

Everyone who reads this blog knows that we're huge fans of designers who work with glass. We also love jewelry makers who crochet with wire or emulate nature in their work. And don't even get us started on our love for designers who create unique looks by mixing elements

Now there's a designer who utilizes all of the above techniques . . . and more. Sari Glassman is a jeweler who does it all. 


Something old, something new

Alternative history by Roia O'Brien

The terms "alternate history" and "alternative history" describe works of fiction that combine elements of modern fantasy with real historical events. Think Roth's The Plot Against America or 11/22/63 by Stephen King; the genre mixes the past with the present and the old with the new in an attempt to create a new reality. The concept often extends to films, graphic novels and even video games. 

But can alternate history be extended to jewelry? Of course it can, and pieces by Roia O'Brien Jewelry Design are the embodiment of that alternative history. 



Good girl gone bad

Hardcore hardware from Flashy Era

There are about 10,000 kinds of awesome coming from the Korean jewelry line Flashy Era. This brand gives a whole new concept to everything we've long loved about jewelry. You may never view the classics -- pearls, ribbons, beads -- the same again. And that's a good thing. What, pray tell, does Flashy Era do to our classical accessories? Behold. 



High Energy

Designs by HiNGE Dept. Accessory

Much like Michelangelo, who believed that within every block of stone was a figure waiting to be revealed, Liisa Hashimoto of HiNGE Dept. Accessory has a similar philosophy about the essence of objects. 

Like many artists, Hashimoto credits nature for her inspiration, but there's more to her muse than rolling hills and rushing rivers. She says that she believes in energy in all things -- from moss and soil, and even rocks. That energy is what drives Hashimoto to create. The result? Modern, unique pieces with an artistic edge. 

Check it out. 


Ring and necklaces by HiNGE Dept. Accessory 

All of the pieces are handmade from natural materials (think resin, brass, and silver) in Hashimoto's Osaka studio. Look for designs that mimic moss, seeds, and the rising sun. 


Wire crocheted jewelry by Adriana Laura Mendez

If you find yourself charmed of late by hand-wired crochet jewelry, you're not alone. The technique is rare and seldom seen in contemporary pieces, but it had been popping up a lot more recently. 

For another take on crotched jewelry, have a look at these creations by Argentinean designer Adriana Laura Mendez


These pieces are unique for their unconventional weaving process (Mendez doesn't start with patterns, but creates the designs as she goes, while in the process of weaving) and the incorporation of several types of gemstones. Look for great combinations of 14k gold or sterling silver wire linked up with Swarovski crystals, onyx, rhodochrosite, obsidian or amethyst. 

Mademoiselle Felee

Bijoux: oh la la!

When it comes to design, France reigns above all others. Think about it. Dior. Chanel. Givenchy. Gaultier. Christian Lacroix. Christian Louboutin. The list goes on and on. 

The newest line to snatch up before it joins the ranks of the haute couture untouchables is Mademoiselle Felee by Aurore Francois. 


From the "Etoile" collection, inspired by the Eiffel Tower

Natural beauty

Nangara Biojoias

For a look that's a little tropical, a little tribal, and a whole lot of wow, check out Nangara Biojoias by Brazilian designer Julia Fusinato. Her work unites inherently diverse natural objects in necklaces and bracelets, creating a style that's loud, stunning and totally fun. Not mention the fact that these are eco-friendly pieces. That's good, too.