March 2012

A cute trend

Recently I’ve noticed an old trend among the young coming back into play. I remember this jewelry trend being somewhat popular when I was in JR high, but it seemed to die down for a little while. Well, this trend seems to be becoming popular again and I think it’s just the cutest thing that these young kids are doing. Not only is this trend being seen among the younger generation, it is making its way to high school students and has even been seen a few times among a few early college kids.

Green Ring Woes

The affects of oxidation.

You put on your favorite piece of jewelry, let's say a ring. Maybe it's made of silver or just an attractive piece of costume jewelry. It could even be gold. When you twist it off that night you notice something odd. Your finger now spots a ring of green or black where the ring rested.

Use Caution When Buying Dyed Beads

You may have seen it before, but if you haven’t, you’ll know it right away: the stained arms and necks that come from poorly dyed beads.  Dyeing beads, especially gemstone beads, is a great way to improve their color or create colors that more people will enjoy and are not found in nature.  Turquoise and its alternate stones are often dyed to create a more uniform, appealing color that works better in jewelry designs.

Repairing Jewelry

If you sell your own handmade jewelry at shows and markets, expect people to come to you with all kinds of broken jewelry, asking for you to repair it.  Repairing jewelry made by others can be a lucrative side business, since jewelry stores won’t usually have anything to do with handmade jewelry.  It doesn’t come without its drawbacks, however.

Lucky charms

St. Patty’s day is almost here and everyone is just as excited as they are each year. In my area, everyone attends the parade this previous weekend and then gathers with family and friends to celebrate on the actual St. Patrick’s Day. I come from a large Irish community, so it’s no surprise that everyone, and I mean everyone is dressed in green from head to toe.

Wood Jewelry

Care and Cleaning

Quality metal doesn't have to contain precious stones or expensive metals. Some of my favorite pieces are made predominately of wood. An skilled craftsmen can turn out quality wooden jewelry pieces that rival more traditional jewelry in beauty and worth, in my opinion.

Recycling Old Jewelry

Make it new again.

Most of us have some jewelry we will likely never wear again. Sometimes it's a ring that is too big, a bracelet that is way out of style with little chance of making a comeback, or a broken necklace that just isn't worth fixing. Settings that have lost their stones also may make up the bulk of this, especially if the stones are too costly to replace or the setting is completely ruined.

Building a Jewelry Website

Even if you don’t plan to sell your jewelry online, having a professional website is a great way to get the word out, and gives customers a better impression of your business.  You can use a website to develop a newsletter list for your craft show visitors, letting them know about upcoming shows and specials available only to subscribers, or you can use it as a showcase of your work to let people know what you are capable of.

A Jeweler Is Only as Good as Her Tools

Many parts of our lives are about compromising, and about getting by with a little less to stretch things further.  When it comes to the tools you use for making jewelry, however, spending more is often better.  Sure, you can go to your local discount store and pick up a few pairs of pliers that will get the job done, but they will wear out quickly and will not provide the quality results a high end pair of pliers will.  This is particularly true of tools that can wear out, such as wire cutters.