February 2012

Jewelry Storage

Are your precious pieces safe?

I used to keep my jewelry in a simple carved wooden box that once belonged to my grandmother. The box was tiny, unlined and only had a hinged lid. Naturally, chains became tangled, earrings were impossible to find, and pieces were strewn out the sides since they didn't fit inside properly. When A delicate gold chain snapped during an attempt to retrieve it from the mess, I realized I needed to rethink my storage situation.

Homemade jewelry box


One of my most loved jewelry boxes is something that was made for me. The finished look of the wooden box is beautiful; has ‘dwell in possibility’ inscribed in it and is a jewelry box I am really proud of. While I didn’t make the box myself, I got all of the details of the making from my good friend who did take the time to make me this lovely gift. I thought I’d share this particular idea with those looking to create their own.

The Tide of Creativity

When it comes to creative arts, of which jewelry is certainly one, there seems to be a natural ebb and flow of creativity, and forcing creation for the sake of getting it done when not in the natural flow can be disastrous, or at least very frustrating.  For me, I find that my creativity peaks in the spring when the tide of life itself begins surging forward again in a rush of newness.  In the winter, when I have more time to create, my mind is in hibernation mode and I find it hard to come up with new designs.

Silver Jewelry Basics

Although gold is more expensive, I have a special place in my heart for silver. My skin tone looks better with silver, for one. Second, silver is so often the preferred medium in the artisan jewelry I love so dearly. Unfortunately, silver tends to tarnish easily and the more detailed the design, the more nooks and crannies to attract tarnish and dirt.

A great keepsake

"I think baby rings are one of the most precious keepsakes you can get for your children"


Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a piece of jewelry available for pretty much basically any occasion and there are ways to make the jewelry a great keep sake such as; adding birthstones or engraving it with names or dates. There are a few pieces of jewelry that I treasure over all my other jewelry. These pieces are very tiny, so they need to be kept on a chain so I don’t ever lose them. They are my baby’s rings.

Caring for Gold Jewelry

The warm glow of real gold provides a stunning look for day or evening wear. While gold doesn't rust, it does become dirty and smudged. While the shine of the gold does depend in part on its quality and finish, you can bring out more of the glow by properly cleaning and caring for the jewelry.

Rare jewelry stones

One of the things I love most about jewelry is its ability to be completely unique. While many pieces are commercialized, there are several items that are designed to be one of a kind to the buyer. This is my favorite type, a rare piece that is sought after. Although these pieces can be somewhat expensive, there are rare stones that are affordable. The stones are placed in the jewelry fixtures and create a completely unique piece.

Selling Jewelry on Consignment

One of the easiest hands free ways to sell your jewelry is through consignment at local shops.  This typically involves splitting the sales with the shop owner, and they usually get a significant cut of the proceeds.  This is fair, because they are doing all of the selling and must absorb the costs of credit card fees and packaging.  You get the benefit of making sales without having to dedicate the time and effort into selling it yourself.

Shipping Jewelry

There are many opinions on how best to ship the jewelry you make.  I remember looking for hours on the Etsy forums to read how other sellers do it, back when I first started selling online.  Shipping jewelry is actually very easy and hassle free, if you don’t complicate it too much.  The two main factors to consider are cost and appearance.

Artisan Jewelry

Selecting fine jewelry from small designers.

The recent rise in manufactured “fine jewelry” at craft and art shows is sad indeed. Cookie Lee is just one example that has taken over the show circuit in my area. This jewelry touts itself as fashionable designer jewelry at a good price, but it is little more than cheap costume jewelry in my mind. It has no place in a venue that should feature handcrafted designs by skilled artisans.

Other Jewelers Are Your Friends

"To start with, we all share a common bond of creativity and sensitivity. "

In our society, we are often taught to view competitors in a negative light.  I suppose this stems from sports and other direct competitions where you must best your opponents, but it most certainly carries over into the business world, and beyond.  As jewelers, we face some of the biggest competition among craft sale categories, simply because there are so many other jewelers.  You may feel tempted to look upon these other jewelers negatively, but if you do so, you are closing the door on some of the best friendships and inspiration you can find.

Jewelry Making as Therapy?

"I think jewelry making can be a great therapy for just about anyone who is troubled. "

Whether you make jewelry as a hobby or for a business, making it is a great way to pass the time and get a creative fix.  Few things are as satisfying as seeing a design come together just as you envisioned.  This is just my opinion, but I think making jewelry is therapeutic as well.  I definitely get cranky when I haven’t created in a while, and can feel myself unwinding when I start going through my beads. 

Protect your jewerly


My local newspaper recently had an article about a woman who went on a spree of robberies throughout the city. All she took from the homes were piles and piles of jewelry. All of us who love our jewels know that they are at risk of being taken if a robbery should occur within our home. The jewelry can be sold at pawn shops by the thief’s and is a great alternative when cash isn’t available for stealing. How do you protect your jewels?