January 2012

Timeless Timepieces

Watches Make a Classic Gift

Watches supply me with a go-to gift for high school and college graduates, but they are also a suitable choice for anniversaries, birthdays and holiday gift gifting. A watch is also a traditional retirement gift in many companies. The style and type of watch I choose depends on the recipient as much as on my own budget constraints.

Make Your Marketing Angle Unique

Beaded jewelry is one of the most competitive markets when it comes to handmade crafts.  Since it is relatively easy, compared to other crafts, more people are apt to try it and as you know, jewelry making is addicting.  While it may be a blast to make, when it comes time to sell your jewelry, you are in for a challenge.  Thinking up a unique marketing angle can help set you apart from the crowd, which can make all the difference for your success.

One way to set yourself apart is to focus on a particular type of jewelry.  I know people who make a living selling only earrings, while others do exceptionally well focusing on anklets.  If you want to focus on one type, choose something you are most comfortable with and become an expert on it.

You can also set yourself apart with a specific technique.  Chainmail or precious metal clay are two good examples of a technique of jewelry that you can specialize in.  You can do very well if you become known as the go-to person for a specific type.

Glass bead bracelets

If you have a large group of family and friends, I’m sure you understand that the holidays can be expensive. We had a grab bag for about a year, and have now gone back to our normal tradition of going broke. I realize I don’t have to buy gifts for each and every one of them, but when it comes time for our holiday party and we’re all exchanging gifts, I can’t help but feel guilty if I bought for one but not the other. I also can’t help but feel cheap if I buy for no one. I’ve found a way to make beautiful, yet cheap gifts for all the jewelry lovers in my life.

Natural jewelry cleaner

"Here’s what you’ll need: a medium sized bowl, white vinegar, a lemon and water."

If you’re a jewelry lover like myself, you’re sure to notice that it becomes dirty quite quickly, and then looks terrible if you want to wear a piece that has particles of dirt and who knows what else stuck to it. I personally do not trust the commercial jewelry cleaners on the market. For one, it smells terrible. I honestly do not want to clean my thousand dollar necklace in a concoction of who knows what, and then have my neck smelling like disgusting chemicals for the next week. I swear, I could wash the jewelry repeatedly after cleaning it, subjecting it to hard water damage, and it still smells like the nasty chemicals I used to clean it.

Offer Free Upgrades

The more customization options you can provide for your customers, the more opportunities you have to make a sale.  Offering free upgrades is a great way to improve conversion rates, especially if you sell online where the competition is fierce and jewelry is a dime a dozen.  Even if you don’t want to offer them for free, making customers aware that upgrades are available can get them interested in your products.

Offer Free Alterations

Making jewelry to fit all sizes is nearly impossible.  You can get closer by adding extender chains or other adjustable options, but there will still be people who need a custom size.  In addition to sizes, some customers will want to change the clasp, and even the layout of beads sometimes.  If you can offer alterations to your customers at no charge, you will increase sales.  Even better still, if you can do this on the spot at shows and markets, you will get sales you would have otherwise lost.

The way to a woman’s heart

I don’t care who you are, if you are a women and you are given a piece of expensive jewelry, the person who gives you that jewelry is automatically placed in your heart. Ok, maybe not you, but for me it works every time. There is something about a shiny piece of metal wrapped around my body that just makes me smile. Jewelry makes me feel feminine, so when a man gives me a piece of jewelry, I feel as if they recognized my feminine side.

Tornado Crimp Beads

Sometimes in a jeweler’s life, there comes a product that is so different it completely revolutionizes the way that jewelry makes jewelry.  For me, tornado crimp beads are one of those products.  In fact, I might credit tornado crimps with my jewelry business success, because without them, I surely would have perished from sheer frustration before my business ever had a chance to take off.