October 2011

Track Your Jewelry Components Using Excel

Excel can cheaply track every single component, calculate the total cost (or per item cost) and keep an accurate inventory count.

If you make jewelry, chances are you have beads exploding out of every nook and cranny in your house.  Keeping track of thousands of different beading components is a headache, and if your jewelry making is a business, year-end inventory can make you want to scream.

I have been in the handmade jewelry business for several years, and tried several methods of tracking my jewelry components.  I wanted something simple and inexpensive – who has time or money to throw at all the little details in a business?  After experimenting, I settled on using Excel to track everything.

Are Your Earrings the Appropriate Length?

Earrings for short, styled, and long hair as well as face type.

Earrings are such a wonderful and versatile accessory.  You can really dress up an outfit by just adding the right pair of earrings.  Like hairstyles, however, some lengths of earrings go better with certain face shapes, while others can really create a bad effect.

Earrings for Updos and Short Hair
When you wear your hair up, large earrings can be too flashy or clunky looking.  A shorter drop will add just the right touch without taking away from your hair or face.  Consider dangles of about one inch when wearing your hair up and away from your face.