April 2011

Broken & Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

Getting more wear out of your heirloom pieces


Almost every woman has a box of jewelry stashed somewhere in her bedroom or powder room full of outdated, broken, or just plain never worn jewelry.  More often than not when a piece of jewelry breaks, we sigh (or cry) and put it away in a box “just in case.”   Why not break that box out and sort through it?  Chances are, it is filled with potential!

Spring Floral Jewelry

This year's Spring Summer fashion trend is floral, feminite. Think seventies hippies, boho prints and flowing fabrics. With the flowers now riotously blooming in my garden, I thought I would round up some of my favorite recent floral pieces.

This Cherry Blossom necklace is by Cornelia Wearable Art, and is inspired by the latest Asian fusion fashion collection by Emirates design brand Queen of Spades.

Check out more of Cornelia's work at http://corneliawearableart.blogspot.com/