July 2009

Interview with Eric Freitas Part Two

It's not every artist that would be inspired to suddenly start making clocks, let alone study the intricate mechanisms independantly without formal training, yet that is exactly what Eric Freitas has done, and with a successful career to show for his efforts.

In Part 2 of our interview, he talks to The Jewelry Report about how he came to discover this art form and how he learned his skill.


How did you first get into clockmaking?

Interview with Eric Freitas

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Daniel from Catherinette Rings and was introduced to the steampunk movement.  He was quick to name Eric Frietas as another artist he admired, and after visiting his site it is clear that that admiration is well deserved. Eric is an incredibly talented artist, with a vision that is the top of his field.  His work is amazingly detailed and high quality and seems to speak of both the fragile and indestructable nature of our society.

In this first half of our interview, Eric talks about coming to practical design via creative drawing and how his childhood environment has influenced his work.

Interview with Hadasity Designs

Finding your way as a creative jewelry artist can sometimes be a challenge.  Coming up with a unique look for your brand, mastering techniques, trying to make your jewelry both artistic and marketable.  Most jewelers find themselves at times inspired and at times overwhelmed and discouraged. 

Speaking to other jewelry artists helps me to see that each of us is unique in our creative process, and yet tied together by our desire to share our work with others and gain approval and success from our designs, regardless of or niche.  Here, the designer behind high fashion jewelry brandHadasity shares some of her thoughts on her jewelry career.

How to keep motivated

If you have read any of the jeweler interviews here on The Jewelry Report, you'll know that I often ask jewelers what motivates them.  The answers are often very similar, in that both the creative process itself and the end result of seeing someone wearing their designs are enough to keep us going.  However, most jewelers go through times where they feel disheartened, frustrated or uninspired, and at these moments it can be difficult to keep working.

If your sales and self-confidence are low, or you feel like your muse hasn't visited in a while, here are some tips on how to motivate yourself when all natural motivation has evaporated:

Is Big Really Better?

While we all yearn for more sales,  landing a big customer can have it's drawbacks.  When I started my jewelry career my number one goal was to have my own pretty glass showcase in national high end department store.  A prominent logo, delicate displays and beautiful packaging.  Ah, I dreamed: the fame, the paycheck, the success!  After I landed my first large store,  I quickly changed my priorities. 

What Jewelers can Learn from Photographers

Before I started my jewelry business I worked with a talented photographer.  My time at his portrait studio taught me an immense amount about running a small business, and many lessons translate well for jewelers.  Both professionals are creative and have to use a combination of skills to create their best work.  They also both have to work to build a name for themselves and attract customers,  as well as decide on which niche and target market to focus on.  Here are the top ten lessons that jewelers can learn from photographers:

Drumming up Business with Competitions

If sales are a bit sluggish these days, and your bottom line is looking a bit unhealthy, the last thing on your mind might be giving things away for free,  however sometimes a well run competition can attract new customers and gain you some positive PR and word of mouth referrals.  It is important to keep in mind though, that like most things in business, a competition done badly can leave you out of pocket with nothing to show for it.  Here are some good tips to getting the most out of your competition:

Interview with Catherinette Rings

I may have stumbled upon one of the most unique jewelry designers around.  The work of the team behind Catherinette Rings is visually compelling due to it's intricacy and unusual combination of components. 

Constructed with tiny cogs, screws, wire and earth toned cabachons, their designs have a distinctly industrial feel.  

The attention to detail is immaculate, and there must be some steady hands behind these designs to place each of the tiny elements so precisely!  I speak to the owner of one of those pairs of hands, Daniel, about his jewelry style.

New iPhone App Boosts Diamond Ring Sales

Now, more than ever, it is important to stay ahead of changes in technology.  More and more people are shopping online, and new innovations such as multi-featured phones are now not just becoming a part of life but changing how we live. 

The iPhone has revolutionized how people use the internet, allowing online web apps to make everday tasks faster and easier. From cooking (try the free app from allrecipes.com), to DIY (there is a cool app that lets your iPhone function as a spirit level), to finding your way (GPS and Googlemaps are invaluable for men who won't ask for directions).  As the tagline goes, there is an app for just about anything, including shopping for an engagement ring.