June 2009

Interview with Dianne Karg Baron Part 2

Having attempted one of Dianne Karg Baron's tutorials, I can safely say that even the simplest-looking of her designs requires a high level of skill, patience and accuracy,  so I can only imagine the amounts of these that she must possess in order to complete her more intricate work.  After sharing out her thoughts about tutorials and online marketing,  here is what she had to say in her interview about making her jewelry.

How to Knot Pearls with a Knotter

I always dread it when a customer brings me a strand of beads or pearls to be re-strung.  A few years ago I invested in a Knotter tool, thinking that it would make life oh-so-simple.   I was oh-so-wrong and threw it across my studio put it away neatly after a few frustrated attempts.  (Have I mentioned I am a tad impatient?)

Wedding season is upon me though,  so I thought I would make a last ditch effort to find a good tutorial online.  This video from Rio Grande is perfect. 

Interview with Dianne Karg Baron Part 1

I discovered Dianne Karg Baron during my recent adventures into wire work, and was immediately impressed by her designs. Keen to try incorporating what seemed like one of her easier techniques into my designs, I downloaded a tutorial, and was equally impressed by her attention to detail in the instructions. Clearly, Dianne's wire work design talent is matched by a talent for teaching - yet another skill which I am sadly lacking in. So, doubly eager to hear her tips I contacted her for The Jewelry Report interview.  If you are thinking about creating and selling your own tutorials online,  her answers below provide some great wisdom.