How to Sell Handmade Jewelry

Best Ways of Selling Your Handcrafted Jewelry

If you spend some time and serious about it, like everything else you can learn how to make jewelry. Most people start making their first jewelry as a hobby making earrings or bracelets for themselves or for friends. Sometimes this can turn into business as they get the encroachment from people. Selling handmade jewelry can be a fun way to turn a hobby into a profitable business. With hard work of creating unique jewelry designs and marketing planning, it's easy to make some money making jewelry. Advertising in real life is one of the most surefire ways to get customers. Telling friends and relatives ensures word of mouth publicity and can help build some initial sales and feedback. There are handmade jewelry and crafts forums are helpful in providing advice and guidance for beginners.

You can learn many useful information regarding handmade jewelry business and get tips about making different techniques of making jewelry. Making the unique jewelry is the first step. Uniqueness of your jewelry designs will help you along the way as you would not have to compete with so many other jewelry artisans making the similar jewelry. Many handmade jewelry designers find that craft shows are excellent sales venues for their jewelry businesses. First few craft shows can be difficult but with careful planning, the show can come together nicely. The quality of the jewelry offered, the range of price points offered, and customer traffic affect jewelry sales at craft shows; however, equally as important as those factors is the way the jewelry is displayed.

Your unique jewelry should be organized in an orderly fashion. Customers like to browse, but may not realize that there are multiple colors of one item or matching sets available if the jewelry isn’t displayed in a logical manner. How the jewelry is organized is not as important as simply having an organization method of some kind. The jewelry collection can be organized in sets, by type of jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Selling handmade jewelry online through a craft marketplace for getting started with an online handmade jewelry business. Fees typically include a listing fee, a percentage of sales amount and/or a maintenance fee. This could also a fast and easy way to set-up your jewelry business, usually requiring little more than registration and uploading of some details and pictures for the products. Some artisans may choose to start a handmade jewelry websites to sell their own earrings, bracelets and necklaces with a shopping cart and detailed product pages. This requires more of a time and money investment, and may require web design support. Start a handmade jewelry business and earn money working from home. Selling your unique jewelry can be a wonderful business for any one who loves making jewelry and have a creative flair. With many options for handmade jewelry designs and sales avenues, a good planning can turn a handcrafted hobby into a successful handmade jewelry business.