Marketing is Critical to a Successful Jewelry Business

Marketing is Critical to a Successful Jewelry Business

You can create the most beautiful jewelry the world has ever seen, price it to be the most affordable jewelry possible, and yet the lady down the street who makes overpriced, unattractive jewelry could sell more in a week than you do in a year, if you don’t learn how to effectively market your business.

You might think that the product you sell is the most important part of a successful business, but the reality is that the single most important aspect of business is the ability to market.  No matter what you sell, if no one knows you sell it, you won’t make money.  It’s the reason those cheap “As seen on TV” items sell well when a more superior item is sure to exist somewhere – no one has heard of the better one.

Marketing can take on many forms, from telling friends and family to putting up fliers, launching a website and even paying for advertising.  Generally, the free options tend to be more successful, which is fortunate since many of us can’t afford to pay for ads anyway.

Join communities online and post a link to your site there.  Utilize free advertising such as on Craigslist, but be aware of the rules about commercial advertisements.  Create a Facebook fan page, and direct everyone you know to it to generate likes.  These and many other ways are effective and free ideas for marketing your jewelry.

If you don’t put efforts into marketing, you may still make some sales, but you will not come anywhere close to reaching the potential you have by getting word out there about your jewelry.