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Peace be with you

Gyamjo Jewels

If you're looking to show off your Zen-like peace through your jewelry, you need to check out the Tokyo-based Gyamjo Jewels. The beautiful and unique shapes in these pieces are unlike anything else you can find on the market -- major plus. Even better, everything about these collections, from the selected forms to the material used, are inspired by peace and goodwill -- major plus-plus. 


Gyamjo, the designer who leant his name to his line, wants his work to express inner peace and unity. The symbols in his jewelry are actually Tibetan numbers, and he engraves the word "peace" on the back of each pendant. Gyamjo infuses the stylistic curves of the numerals with the natural curves of the female form to create jewelry that is at once powerful and extraordinary. 

Gyamjo also uses materials that signify peace (cords, stones and  special pendants) in the hopes that the symbols encompass the harmony of family, heart and mind.


Unless you're fluent in Japanese, the official Gyamjo Jewels webpage won't be of much use to you. It will, however, give you a glimpse of some of the options not available elsewhere. But if you want to get some real shopping done, head over to Gyamjo's Boticca shop, where you'll find all of the pieces you see here, and much more.