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Jewelry fit for royalty

Fairy tale creations from 3 Wind Knots

We all grew up reading fairy tales about evil queens, beautiful princesses and adventures in the forests surrounding the kingdom. If you're like us, then you weren't as fascinated with the notions of poison apples and talking mirrors as you were with what the princess was wearing. Which jewels were in her crown? Did bracelets dangle loosely about her royal wrists? Or was she pining after the queen's massive collection of brooches, bracelets, and sparkling diamonds

While the jewelry of our favorite fairy tales was left to our childish imaginations, there's a line out of Latvia that invokes princesses in every way. 3 Wind Knots is the stuff of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty: a legendary, ethereal beauty fit for a fairy tale fantasy. 


It's not surprising that the inspiration for 3 Wind Knots was a legend. Known as "Three Knots of Wind," the story tells the tale of a ship captain's apprentice who is given a magical rope with 3 knots in the cord; the first two knots control the sea and the wind, while the third knot has the power of peace. With the help of his three knots, the apprentice was able to control the weather, conquer evil, and marry a princess. 

Sigita Truksane, the creator of the 3 Wind Knots jewelry line, wants to her designs to reflect those same feelings of love, protection, and triumphing over adversity. Look for lots of charms and icons symbolizing friendship, peace and prosperity. The mix of gemstones, sterling silver, gold plating and natural materials like leather, linen and cotton threads will have you channeling your inner princess in no time. 


There are enough beautiful things here to send any evil queen into a hot fit of jealous rage, from lightweight necklaces and coiling bracelets to enticing earrings

It's simply impossible for us to choose a favorite. 

To get your own piece of the legend, you can go to the 3 Wind Knots shop on Boticca, but you have to register, and the collection is small. We love the official 3 Wind Knots webpage -- the prices are in the Lat (the Latvian currency) but with the Google currency converter, you'll be fine.