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Exciting collections from Sari Glassman

Everyone who reads this blog knows that we're huge fans of designers who work with glass. We also love jewelry makers who crochet with wire or emulate nature in their work. And don't even get us started on our love for designers who create unique looks by mixing elements

Now there's a designer who utilizes all of the above techniques . . . and more. Sari Glassman is a jeweler who does it all. 


Sari Glassman is a math teacher turned jewelry artist who creates jewelry by melting glass (she says that it's gone from a hobby to an addiction), engraving metal, knitting with wire and making beads. Talk about a busy lady! Glassman's creativity is absolutely overflowing, and we couldn't be happier. Her collections offer something to fit every taste.

You can bet that we'll be buying multiple pieces. 


We happen to love that Glassman's work fits a multitude of moods.The bright greens, blues, and aquamarines evoke the sea, while the engraved charms recall the Bohemian chic look of the 70s. The swirling beads and bright colors are totally retro-mod, and the combination of glass and metal have the feel of sterofunk. There are even a few experimental bits (think flowers, chains, crystals and beads all coiling around your wrist in electric green) that are nothing short of wild. 

At this rate, you'll have a new piece for each changing phase of the moon. Cosmically cool. 


What's the best way to get your hands on Sari Glassman's creations? The reliable routes never fail. Her official webpage is great, but the shop there links to her Boticca shop (registration required) and her Etsy shop