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A touch of vintage

Amazing creations by Manolo

There are certain pieces that require no explanation; the beauty and artistry stand alone. 

One such line is Manolo, a stunning array of brooches and earrings by Marta Chojnacka. Yet, with Chojnacka's jewelry, the explanation is half the fun. From can-can dancers and peasants to models and sailors, each hand-crafted design has a unique story all its own. 

Take a look.


Las Chicas and Los Amigos de Manolo: Leocadia, Mauricio, and Nina

The brooches pictured above are from Manolo's two principal collections, Las Chicas de Manolo and Los Amigos de Manolo. The ladies and gents of these pieces are as varied and as vivid as Dickens' characters, capturing the essence of Victorian London and a time gone by. 

We happen to love Lulu, a fruit vendor in the London markets who dreams of being an actress. She is the object of affection of strongman Louis Ramon, who has since left London to travel with a world-famous circus. Then there's Mauricio (pictured above) who has sailed the seven seas; he has a woman waiting for him in every port, clinging to his promise to return. (Naughty, naughty). Don't forget Rene, the French tailor who left his beloved, Jane, at the altar because he realized that his heart belonged to Mark. 


From Las Chicas and Los Amigos de Manolo: Lola and Romula, and Gloria.

These hand-carved brooches are inspired by antique cameos and the drawings of Hentri Toulouse Lautrec. The materials are simple: walnut timber, gold paint and varnish. The real genius of these pieces is seen in the meticulous detailing in each work. 

Now, if you just don't do vintage, or can't imagine wearing a can-can dancer on your coat, don't feel left out. Manolo offers plenty for ladies whose tastes are more conservative. There's plenty of contemporary fashion fun to be found in the nature inspired Leaves collection. 


Leaves collection by Manolo: Turquoise earrings, Semibianco earrings, and Rama brooch.

To get the pieces you've seen here, pay attention. Manolo is still a small company, and finding Marta Chojnacka and her great creations requires more than a Google search. The majority of her pieces can be found in her Etsy shop and her official website, but she's got a small selection on Boticca (registration required). 



From Las Chicas de Manolo: Paloma and Luci brooch; Francesca brooch.