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The light and the dark

Year-round fun by Liz Law Jewelry

We love dark and edgy jewelry as much as the next girl, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy the lighter side of things. 

Designer Liz Law hand-makes a whole lot of both in her California studio, and we love her for it. The delicate silvers, lightweight chains, and retro discs (not to mention bright pops of color) are great for the end of summer, and perfect for keeping things sunny in the gloomy winter months. And there's plenty for days when you're channeling the dark side, too. 

Let's start with the bright. Have a look. 


And just in case you're blind not quite convinced, here are a few more. 


See what we mean? 

Liz Law's retro and vintage inspired pieces are fun, sweet and totally charming. What's more? These designs are light enough to be worn year-round, saving you from that depressing camel/navy/burgundy/plaid winter funk, and adding an extra touch of bliss when spring finally rolls around again. It's nearly impossible to find a seasonal piece. Each item -- from the necklaces and bracelets to the earrings -- is versatile enough to be worn every day.

There's more to Liz Law's designs than lovely whimsy, however. Law's collections actually present a range of diversity that we've seen in few other designers. For a touch of darkness, check out the Victorian Outlaw bandana necklace with a gunmetal chain, the rockin' Fangs necklace and the metal and lace mix of the Jeanne d'Arc necklace. 


And that's just the beginning. There's tons more to see on Liz Law's official site, including an entire collection just for the guys

With such a vast array of creative beauty, it's no wonder that Law's jewelry is getting so much publicity lately. Hurry. Jump in and grab some fun for yourself. You can shop for Liz Law Jewelry on her website, or on Boticca. Don't forget to like her on Facebook, too. 

And, as always . . .