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High Energy

Designs by HiNGE Dept. Accessory

Much like Michelangelo, who believed that within every block of stone was a figure waiting to be revealed, Liisa Hashimoto of HiNGE Dept. Accessory has a similar philosophy about the essence of objects. 

Like many artists, Hashimoto credits nature for her inspiration, but there's more to her muse than rolling hills and rushing rivers. She says that she believes in energy in all things -- from moss and soil, and even rocks. That energy is what drives Hashimoto to create. The result? Modern, unique pieces with an artistic edge. 

Check it out. 


Ring and necklaces by HiNGE Dept. Accessory 

All of the pieces are handmade from natural materials (think resin, brass, and silver) in Hashimoto's Osaka studio. Look for designs that mimic moss, seeds, and the rising sun. 


Stackable rings by HiNGE Dept. Accessory 

We love everything by HiNGE Department Accessory, but our favorite is the stackable ring (pictured above), which is composed of five separate rings that can be layered in different ways to create a wide array of looks.

But we also love that Liisa Hashimoto is more than just a jewelry designer. She channels her creative energy into multiple art forms, with an impressive line of art jewelry as well as an amazing collection of objects. Recently, her artwork was featured in a solo exhibition called "Into the Open Air." 

Clearly, Liisa Hashimoto is an artist through and through.

Baby ring bracelet by HiNGE Dept. Accessory

You can check Liisa's creations at her Boticca shop (registration required). We actually prefer the official HiNGE Department Accessory webpage, though. The page is in Japanese and English, so it's incredibly easy to navigate, and it features more pieces than the Boticca shop. The official page also has a great blog, plus it links to more of Liisa's original art. 


 Liisa Hashimoto's art on display at her solo exhibition, "Into the Open Air"