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Jewelry and joy

Designs by CoriNa Mardari

If you're looking for accessories that combine delicate femininity with a touch of whimsy, look no further than CoriNa Mardari. This Romanian designer's vibrant yet simple pieces have us practically swooning. 

Take a look. 


With names like Endless Summer, Fibonacci (modeled after nature's most famous recurring sequence), and Mystical Chic, pieces by CoriNa Mardari celebrate the joy of living beautifully. CoriNa makes wonderful use of sparkling stones like garnet, lila and sapphire, combining them with a new approach to jewelry on cord. The resulting looks are bright, sophisticated and just plain pretty. 


When it comes to pieces by CoriNa Mardari, the keyword is "joy" in all forms. Mardari was a business lawyer when she realized that she needed to get back to her true self. Longing to create things, she gave up her legal career to train as a jeweler. Now she designs her own line and hand-makes all of her pieces. Her creations are meant to reflect a sense of spirit, well-being and above all, the joy that she feels in making them. (You, of course, will delight in wearing them).


In CoriNa Mardari's jewelry, that joy is intertwined with minimalism, glamour and fun. The pieces are elegant enough for an upscale evening and bright enough to lighten up any casual look. 


To see more amazing pieces by CoriNa Mardari, check out her webpage. Most of it is in English, but if your Romanian is a tad rusty, don't worry. You can find plenty more of her pieces on Boticca and Fablogue. Don't forget to like her on Facebook, too.