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East meets west

Designs by Arosha Taglia

With pieces that fuse the best of contemporary Italian design with traditions from ancient Egypt, there's nothing out there quite like fine jewelry by Arosha Taglia


Styles range from minimal to exotic, which makes choosing a favorite a nearly impossible feat. We're torn between the Lace collection, inspired by handmade Italian lace and adorned with natural gemstones, and the Egypt pieces, with designs that Cleopatra would have celebrated. Which should you choose? It depends what look you're seeking. The Lace line is one of delicacy and understated beauty, while the Egypt collection gives an air of exotic grandeur. Whichever piece you choose, eye-catching elegance is guaranteed.



For even bolder looks, check out the amazingly unique pieces in the Under the Sea collection and the pendants in the Mystic line. We love the Between the Seaweeds ring and the Mandala Pendants (pictured above). But it's not just stunning sophistication and fabulous fashion with these designs. Arosha Taglia has tons of pieces with a greater purpose: check out the beautiful assortment of engagement and wedding rings.


And just how does such beauty happen? How is it that you're able to find gorgeous Italian style combined with Egyptian-inspired design, crafted by a Sanskrit-quoting artist who makes his home in Israel? The story is pretty incredible.

As with most jewelers, Arosha Luigi Taglia began as an artist. Originally for Torino, Italy, Taglia graduated from the prestigious School of Design and Applied Arts before marrying and relocating to Israel. He worked as a painter, digital and video artist, sculptor, and furniture designer before becoming a jewelry maker.

His pieces reflect his eclectic influences, from his childhood fascination with Egypt to the weightless beauty of marine life. Some of our favorites include the pieces featuring peridot and amethyst, although we love Taglia's use of emeralds and rubies, too. 


The best part? Boys need not feel left out when it comes to Taglia's line. There's an entire collection of rings, cufflinks, and pendants just for men. Nothing screams uber-masculine like cool sterling silver and geometric designs. 

So. Are you channeling your inner Nefertiti and wondering how you get your hands on Arosha Taglia's pieces?

You know the deal. Look for the latest on Taglia's official webpage and discounted fare at his Boticca shop. Join his massive followings on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about his collections. 

And, as always ... Enjoy!