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Simple pleasures

Creations by Yuki Nagao

Have you ever noticed that everything that comes from Japan seems to combine simplicity, originality, and beautiful design? Think about it. Sushi. Hello Kitty. Anime. Obviously, when Japan produces art, the world responds. 

The newest Japanese artist to watch for is Yuki Nagao. Her playful, delicate creations offer the best of Japanese design: beautiful, eye-catching simplicity packed with a whole lot of charm. 


Yuki's pieces, from character cufflinks to free viewpoint rings, come from a lifetime of creativity. Nagao has been designing, drawing and creating since she was a child. It was jewelry-making, however, that excited her the most. She brought that excitement to her studies at Jewelry College in Itami, Japan, before staring her own line in 2008. 


She takes her inspiration from small, daily occurrences. She's especially intrigued by animal movement and behavior. Especially notable? The rabbit motif necklace, meant to emulate a hopping bunny, and a sterling silver bird stud that creates the effect of a winged wonder whispering in your ear.

Yuki Nagao's appreciation for the small things in life is more than evident in her pieces. So is her attention to detail. Look for skillfully crafted designs and carefully selected materials, from wood and enamel to silver and gold plating. 

For more great creations by Yuki Nagao, check out her official website and her shop on Boticca. You might want to hurry on this one: Yuki Nagao has been exhibiting in Japan. When the rest of the world catches on, these pieces will catch fire like karaoke and go viral. Get your hands on them before everyone else does.