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Interview with Kinekt Design on their amazing Gear Ring

You may have noticed that I love unusual and groundbreaking jewelry, and the new Kinetic Ring design from designer Glen Liberman certainly fits the bill.  Kinekt Design's goal for their brand is to bring customers "forward-thinking design objects and products that fuse together a modern aesthetic with tangible interaction". Glen says that he has "always been fascinated and inspired by small mechanisms and their complementary movements". Perhaps it's not surprising then that he has come up with a design that is both creatively intruiging and fun to wear. The Gear Ring is a product that is both “complex enough to play with, yet simple enough to wear.”  They have has been working on developing the Gear Ring for over a year and have numerous patents pending on both the design and utility.

Here, Glen answers some questions about his work.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

Anything that can be machined easily and offers a sleek, modern aesthetic.

What is your favorite design, and is this your best seller?

The Gear Ring is my favorite design and currently our best seller :)

How did you first get into jewelry art in general?

I like the idea of owning something small and personal - something that can be an extension of the individual wearing it.

Can you tell us more about the themes that run through your jewelry?

One theme that runs through our pieces deal with the craft of CNC precision.

What do you have planned for future collections?

You will have to wait and see :)

Do you get more excited about the design or technical aspects of jewelry art?

The design!

Can you name another jewelry designer whose work you admire?

The pieces I like are few and far between. I do like some of Diesel's jewelry though. 

Do you find the process of experimentation frustrating or inspiring?

Experimentation is what leads to interesting results, but it can be both frustrating and inspiring at the same time.

Do you prefer doing retail or trade events?

I prefer retail.

If you could have any jewelry super-power to help you with your jewelry what would it be?  (Perhaps flame throwing hands to fire your pieces quickly?  Mind reading for your customers? Extra arms?  :)

I would like to have an exacting mind, one that can work out the technicalities of small mechanisms.

You can find out more about the Gear Ring and other jewelry from Kinekt Design at their website, or contact them on