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Couture by Lolita: Cameo cool

A new twist on an old favorite

If you haven't been living under a rock all year use Facebook or Fab, then chances are you've seen Danielle Maree's work. Her jewelry line Couture by Lolita offers a new twist on a jewelry classic. Get ready to do a double-take. These aren't Queen Victoria's cameos.

Her necklaces feature more than skeletons and Day of the Dead themes. Other pieces in the cameo collection include peacocks, cats, unicorns and even Buddha. This modern take on a Victorian tradition translates to an edgy femininity. And it's not just cameos, either. Look for hearts, roses and skulls in Danielle's other pieces, like her lockets, rings and earrings. Is there a teenager or twenty-something out there that doesn't find this stuff just plain awesome? Not so much. Ladies are snatching up her items left and right, causing them to sell out on her website and on's flash sales. 


But what about the boys? We don't want them to feel left out now, do we? Not to worry! Couture by Lolita's avant-garde style isn't just for the girls. These cufflinks will add a little life to the look of anyone who has to don a stuffy shirt and tie. 


Now, we know it can't be all Goth and glitz. We do have to look professional at least some of the time, right? If Day of the Dead just isn't your thing, if you're looking for a gift for mom, or you just don't want to be too flashy at work, Couture by Lolita is right there with you. Check out her stunning hand-painted brass necklaces for understated (but still amazing) beauty. 


Now, I know what you're thinking. You can go to any craft shop on the planet, buy the molds and make your own cameos. You're right. Except that it will take you hours. And yes, I am aware that similar cameos are available for less on eBay. Good luck with that. Even if they do come from the same mold, not all cameos are created equal. The sheer detailing on these pieces is astounding; Maree's work demonstrates a level of skill and expertise not found in the knockoffs. Plus, the settings are beautiful and the silver-plated chains are great quality. Thousands of buyers on Fab can't be wrong.