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Dog tag jewelry trend

While dog tags were once a piece of jewelry that was generally worn by soldiers, over the years they have become a popular fashion in the jewelry world. You can find these for sale at many local jewelry stores and on through different sites on the Internet. The styles of these dog tags vary greatly and you can customize your dog tags in order to meet your specific taste.

Dog tags are available in a variety of different prices. The most expensive pieces I’ve seen so far are made from white gold and have a semi-large diamond on the corner of the tag. There are even some even more expensive pieces that have several diamonds going around the entire outside area of the tag. These are also available in sterling silver and steel designs, but it seems as if these more expensive pieces have become part of the trend. The sizes of the dog tags are fairly general and similar to the original tags that were made for soldiers.

Some people like to get these tags inscribed, but I have seen many people wearing them without any type of inscription. Some even have designs, such as pink skulls, already made onto the tag instead of the typical inscription. However, when the tags are inscribed, they are generally inscribed with a person’s name, a favorite quote or the names of two people who are in a relationship. I, myself have never gotten into this particular jewelry trend, but I know many friends and acquaintances who love their dog tags and wear them on a regular basis.