With love from Paris

With love from Paris

The silhouette jewels of Défilés from Paris

And now for a brand that pays homage to Parisian fashion throughout the eras. Have a look at Défilés from Paris by Nathalie Queyraud. These little numbers will land you compliments left and right -- guaranteed. 


The Fashion History collection combines feminine jewelry with a creative take on the days of vogue gone by. Look for figurines that celebrate the 1980s Flashdance style (leg warmers and all!), the 1940s French Nouvelle Vagueand the furs and feathers of the turn of the century. We happen to love the ye-ye girl of the 1960s pendant and the bare legs and bowed head of the 1930s pendant

But that's not all. There are even a few pieces in this collection that celebrate an certain musician who also happened to be a fashion icon in his own right -- and, no, we're not talking about Serge Gainsbourg. Have a look. 


Designer Nathalie Queyraud's time in cinema and music production shines through her pieces. All of the pendants are hand-made in Paris in Queyraud's Le Marais studio. Made from brass and silver plating, each necklace is signed with a star for an extra special touch. 

To see more of Nathalie Queyraud's fantastic creations, visit her Boticca shop and the Défilés from Paris website.