Hand-coiled creations from Full Moon Jewelry

If you've got a thing for captivating your audience with your jewelry, we've got a new designer for you to add to your collection. Designer Melonie Moon only started her Full Moon Jewellery line in February 2012, but she's already got more stunning pieces in her collections than most veteran designers.

Have a look. 


The allure here is a combination of great materials (Czech glass and gemstones galore) and diverse and sophisticated wire wrapping techniques. All of the loop rings in these pieces are individually twisted, cut and assembled into patterns. Moon has a particular talent for placing the right wire wrapping design with the appropriate beads. The results are absolutely enchanting. There are enough pieces here to fit any mood or whimsy, from the haunting Mammoth anklet to the light and airy Amethyst Dream necklace. 

We happen to love the Wicked Creations: customizable pieces available upon request. 


Full Moon Jewellery is so new as a brand that Melonie still hand makes all of the pieces herself (some of the creations take days to assemble) which means that no two pieces are identical unless they're part of a set. Wicked! 

For more great pieces by Melonie Moon, check out the Full Moon Jewellery webpage and her shop on Copious