Textiles and metals

Textiles and metals

Tactile gems from Dorus Mhor

The next time you're hunting around for beaded fare, don't simply yank something sparkly out of the jewelry box and call it a day. Dorus Mhor by Elizabeth Bloom has completely redefined the bead, and we're loving what we see. 

You're in for a surprise. Have a look.


We know what you're thinking. Hand-painted plastic? Nope. Opaque glass? Not even close. Stones? Lacquer? Fimo? No, no, no. The centerpiece of Dorus Mhor creations are beads expertly covered with cloth. 

That's right. With her own special technique, Elizabeth Bloom takes beads and perfectly wraps them in vintage silks and cotton fabrics from Liberty of London. The result? A mix of textiles and metal, and jewelry that you're not going to find anywhere else. Plus, because each piece of fabric is different, no two pieces are alike; each item is one of a kind.

The brilliance here is two-fold. Not only are the beads totally unique, but the range of the styles is also completely alluring. We love the Art Deco inspired frames of the earrings and the throwback to Swinging London in several of the bright choker necklaces.


Dorus Mhor is a company that's been years in the making. Scottish-born Elizabeth Bloom had a childhood fascination with tweed. She spent time collecting small bits of the fabric from a local factory that was famous for sewing the original Chanel tweeds. Bloom began experimenting with covering buttons, but  she eventually turned to beads. When she perfected the technique, the company was born. 

Dorus Mhor is a smashing success in London is taking the States by storm. Of her handiwork, Bloom says that she is personally "in love with the Tiers of Light collection" because of her affinity for the Liberty of London prints. "[The fabrics] were created using digitally manipulated photographs of rusting chandeliers hanging in the gardens of Somerset House," Bloom explains. 

We love it, too. But we also love the wild arrays going on here, from leopard prints and tweeds, and to bright-hot primary colors that pack a punch of fun. And we adore the more subdued shimmery silvers


To see more of Dorus Mhor, the company webpage is a great place to start. However, we highly recommend the Dorus Mhor shop on Boticca because it features even more great goodies than the official webpage. 

Have fun with this one.