Beautiful gemstones by LindseyMarie

Lots of designers make great use of gemstones, but no one uses them like the Swiss jewelry line  LindseyMarie. This designer has a special gift for placing gemstones in bold cuffs, delicate necklaces, and rings that make a massive statement. Just have a look at what she's done with smoky quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. 


But that's not all. LindseyMarie does amazing things with rhodonite, vermeil, labradorite and blue onyx, too. he LindseyMarie brand incorporates all of these gemstones -- and more -- into all of its collections, but our favorite is the Rockstar line, which is currently featured on Boticca.

With styles ranging from subtle-beautiful to in-your-face gorgeous, each of these lovely gemstones will have you expressing your own inner rock star. Who could ask for more? 


Geneva based designer Lindsey Marie, who originally hails from Dallas, credits her Texas upbringing for the bold pieces in the Rockstar collection. She says that just like a true rock star, the stones in these collections are rough, rugged, and can never be polished to clean-cut perfection. And like all Texas fashion, these pieces are large, dazzling and full of expression. 


To see more of the Rockstar collection by Lindsey Marie, head over to her Boticca shop. For all of of the LindseyMarie collections, check out the official webpage: it's all in French, so use Chrome and click "Translate" on the top pop-up.