Outer shells

Outer shells

Scarves and accessories from artillerylane

Whoever said that scarves and accessories aren't jewelry didn't know what he was talking about. The Hermes Twilly proved ages ago that scarves go everywhere jewelry goes: around the neck, the wrists or even the ankles. That means that while it's technically a garment, the scarf has the same effect as a great piece of jewelry. 

And with that, here's a scarf and accessory brand that will light up your silhouette as much as any of the best baubles you've got in your jewelry box. Have a look at these hot items from the Italian line, artillerylane.


The genius behind artillerylane's scarves lies in a small strip of leather that holds the scarf in place. The result is a centuries-old piece with an entirely new look. Other scarves include original extras like buttons, laces and clips. How cool is that?

And because artillerylane's products are handmade in Italy, you know what that means: the best materials (wool, cottons, and leather) combined the finest craftsmanship on the planet. With artillerylane you're truly getting a little bit of the best from the boot.

artillerylane produces more than just scarves. Check out the key rings below that double as a necklace and a belt clip.


artillerylane was started in 2009 by Michea, Daniele and Nicolo, three young entrepreneurs in Verona who sought to create products that produces a harmony between fabric and leather. With minimalist designs, an unmatched talent for selecting materials, and a fashion sense so elevated that it could only come from Italy, the designers have brought their brand to several boutiques throughout Italy.

But don't worry. You don't have to travel to il bel paese to get your own artillerylane accessories. Just head over to their website and their Boticca shop. You'll be glad you did.