Luxury for less

Luxury for less

Affordable jewelry by Tiffany, Cartier and Hermes

We'd be lying if we said we didn't absolutely love high-end jewelry. And it's not just us. When it comes to jewelry, everyone appreciates name-brand beauties. But who can afford such luxury? Psst. You can. Yes, you. Just because it's luxurious doesn't mean that it's beyond your reach. Believe it or not, there are ways to indulge without going broke.

Have a look at our list of some of the most affordable jewelry by Tiffany, Hermes and Cartier.

Tiffany:  You need not stand outside the Tiffany store a'la' Audrey Hepburn with a longing look on your face. Remember that uncomfortably comic scene from the film where Peppard and Hepburn explain that they can't even afford the lowest-priced item at Tiffany? Hogwash. Tiffany isn't just for the uber-rich.There's plenty for buyers on a budget at this iconic jewelry store. And with dropdown boxes that list items by price, the Tiffany webpage makes it easy to find luxury within your price range. We happen to love the Tiffany Infinity pendant (pictured above) and the Tiffany bead bracelet

Hermes: The prices at Hermes are so high that they border on obnoxious. But when you wear anything Hermes, you know that you're getting exactly what you pay for. The quality is so exceptional that it's almost other-worldly, and the simplistic beauty of the brand makes it instantly recognizable. When you buy Hermes, you're not purchasing a piece of jewelry; you're investing in a piece that will never depreciate and will likely become a family heirloom. And believe it or not, some Hermes pieces are actually affordable. The lacquered wooden bracelet above is part of a collection of pieces that are less than $250, and a few of the leather jewelry items with the famous H logo are under $300. If those prices are still too high, check out the Twilly scarves, which can be wrapped around the wrist like bracelets, for $140. Still pricey, of course, but for Hermes, that's cheap. 

Cartier: Everyone knows that Cartier is anything but cheap, but that doesn't mean that everything by this famous jeweler has a $10,000 starting price. Trust us, you don't have to be Beyonce to buy Cartier bling. (But you may need a credit card). There are a few lovely Cartier chains that can be yours for $500 and up, including the above-pictured cable chain necklace. There are even some bracelets that, while still pricey, are well under the traditional Cartier prices. Cartier, much like Hermes, is an investment. When you buy from Cartier, you're purchasing timeless pieces whose value will only increase over time. 

Whether you're buying a gift for someone else or just treating yourself, don't let the big names of jewelry scare you away. With a little searching and a few weeks of saving, almost everyone can afford a little piece of luxury jewelry.