Les plumes!

Les plumes!

Feathers and fantasy by Noémiah

Remember that awful Steven Tyler-inspired tend a couple of years ago, the one that got on the nerves of all good people, even fishermen? You know what we're talking about: the whole 2011 wearing feathers in your hair gig. We all breathed a sigh of relief when that fashion fad finally ran its course. 

The problem with sticking a feather in your hair is that it requires no expertise, artistry, or talent. It's hair. With a feather in it. End of story. 

But when a talented French Canadian designer decides to use feathers in her line, it's a completely different narrative, one of beauty, whimsy and lighter than air delights. The feathers in jewelry by Noemiah are not a mere trend. This is fashion through and through. 




Don't think that designer Noemie Vaillancourt hits up the craft store for bulk bags of feathers. Not even close. This is a jeweler whose love for plumes is beyond artistic. Vaillancourt is not only inspired by the possibilities of mixing delicate feathers with harder materials (look for brass, enamel, silver and gemstones), but also by the birds that produce the plumage. She's worked prominently with mallard, rooster and pheasant feathers, as well as hand-cut ostrich feathers. 

Our favorite is the Feux Follets collection, a name coined from the French term that describes the effect of sunlight hitting a mirror, reflecting light on the wall. Noemie Vaillancourt says that this collection is meant to mirror the elusive and agile effect of the dancing flecks of light. 


We're not the only ones who love Noemiah. Vaillancourt is getting plenty of attention for her work. But don't think that our fair designer is going to stop there. She also incorporates lace and silk into her collections (see Rendez-vous and Wedding) and she hopes to study tailoring and sewing so she can transform Noemiah from a jewelry company to a full-fledged line of fashion and accessories.

With aspirations for expansion, it's no wonder that there's more than feathers going on at Noemiah. Check out her collections page for an overview of her work. You'll be amazed. 


For more pieces by Noemiah, check out the official webpage -- you'll find the English language option on the left menu. You can also view her work on Boticca, at her Etsy shop and at Supermarket. Or, if you're in Canada, you can see her work in person at these places

It's only about a million times cooler than sticking a feather in your hair.