From You With Love

From You With Love

Jewelry with an important cause

Picture it: a former actress and model, a fine jeweler, and her brother are through the Himalayas to meet their friend, a documentary film maker, who is originally from the area. For Celia Wise, Sabine and Philipp Roemer, and Tanzin Norbu, this should have been nothing more than an uneventful mountain holiday an an exotic location.

Instead, the travelers' journey was cut off by floods in Leh, brought on by a record-breaking cloudburst. The floods destroyed families and homes and took the lives of over 1,000 people.

Witnessing the devastation, Celia Wise, Sabine and Philipp Roemer, and Tanzin Norbu felt compelled to help. The result is From You With Love, a new brand with just two pieces. Yet these are two of the most important pieces you'll ever buy.


Inspired by local culture, the bracelets feature a Tibetan Dorje and prayer beads. More importantly, both bracelets serve very honorable causes. Proceeds from the brass bracelet will provide one child in the Ladakh region with schoolbooks for one year, while the silver bracelet will cover the child's medicine for one year.

From You With Love is currently supporting 8 children in the Zanskar Valley (an area so remote that it's only accessible seven months a the year) but with your help, the company can support even more needy children.

Each bracelet comes in a pouch printed with a Tibetan prayer flag to symbolize peace, unity, and a celebration of life.

To find out more about this important jewelry company, visit the official From You With Love page, and also check out their shop on Boticca.