Au naturale

Au naturale

Jewelry by Jillian

Now for something a bit earthy, a tad retro, and whole lot of hip. But hold on, we're not done with the adjectives yet. Try dramatic, sultry, romantic and Bohemian chic enough to charm any worldly wanderer, too. 

Think we're exaggerating? Have a look for yourself. With one glimpse of Jewelry by Jillian, you'll understand just why we're raving.


See what we mean? Designer Jillian Knapp is a genius at blending beads and semi-precious stones with cool hardware. While we happen to love everything she makes, our favorites are her use of agate and sunstone, as well as her work with oxidized silver and repurposed leather. Her use of coral comes in a close second. 

With turquoise stones, copper twists and smoky quartz, you've instantly got collection full of handmade goodness. It's perfect for fall, to boot. 

Not only do we love the natural splendor of what we see, but we adore Jewelry by Jillian's respect for the environment even more. These instantly feminine pieces are made in Vermont from natural, organic, or repurposed materials. When your order finally arrives, the gift box, bubble wrap and paper used are all from recycled goods.

That means Jewelry by Jillian is a designer you can feel good about buying, and even better about wearing. 


Unleash the gypsy wanderer within you by checking out Jewelry by Jillian on Copious and Etsy. Don't forget to like her on Facebook, too.